ISSA Show Speakers

Million Dollar Leadership: Mike Campion

Perfect for managers who want more out of their staff and whose companies see value in continuously improving their culture. Learn why culture is so important to your business and how it can make your life easier. Develop the ability to hire and keep top talent. Become the leader you strive to be. He’ll reveal the business-killer you never see coming. He may even tell you the story of how he went from all of his employees quitting his first day as a business owner to selling his latest multi-million-dollar business for seven figures.

Opportunity Rocks: Rock Star Performance Equals Rock Star Results with Marveless Mark

Do you want your business to rock? Business wisdom is rock ‘n’ roll’s untold story. Learn to perform like a rock star in your business, and in life, by learning the innovative success principles of your favorite rock stars, along with some serious business content. Learn the four key principles that fuel rock-star success. This topic is multigenerational, motivational, and is delivered in a high-energy presentation with rock-solid content and hilarious audience interaction. You will leave feeling ready to perform like a rock star! Plus, you will be equipped with new strategies, tactics, and tools for creating immediate rock star results.

Turn $1k Into a Million-Dollar Business in Three Years: Elena Ledoux

Think it can’t be done? Learn how you can build a million-dollar residential cleaning service company in three years with $100,000, a vacuum, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Learn how to enhance your value to customers. During this session, the owner of Superb Maids will explain why a vacuum isn’t enough to launch a successful residential cleaning business. Success will only follow if you conduct the proper planning and research first. You will also learn to analyze your company values, marketing, people, tools, challenges, and the marketplace. Come ready to learn, ask questions, and apply new information directly to your business practices.

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November 18-21, 2019
Exhibits:  November 19 – 21, 2019
Las Vegas, NV