ISSA Show Speakers

Don’t Get Slimed: Science vs. Biofilms: Greg Whiteley

Did you know that bacteria can form biofilms and survive on frequently touched surfaces? Common examples of biofilms are dental plaque and pond scum—basically a slimy buildup of bacteria that can grow on plant and animal tissues—and on medical devices, such as catheters and pacemakers. Worse, the bacteria are 200 times more resistant to antibiotics and 20,000 times more resistant to chlorine disinfectants. Learn about modern genetic techniques to track the movement of bacteria within any setting or work environment. Empower your operations team with information on the latest advances and tactics for blocking biofilms.

Selling Strategies for Today’s Disruptive Distributor Reality: Jim Pancero

Your competitors are effective selling pros with a solid set of existing customers, offering proven products at a competitive price. Non-traditional competitors continue to gain market share. Are you just trying to keep your head above water or are you working on the right things that will grow your sales and profitability? Good is no longer good enough. Jim will be sharing the best steps you can take right now to lead your sales team to building and then maintaining a stronger competitive advantage…even in today’s disruptive markets. A detailed electronic workbook/action guide will be provided to help you take these ideas back to your sales team.

Managing Four Generations in the Workplace: Jeffrey Butler

In the cleaning industry, the modern-day workplace often has four generations working under one roof. Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials—and soon Gen Zers—each have different viewpoints, upbringings, culture, ideas, beliefs, and experiences, resulting in some tiffs or clashes within the organization. Best-selling author Jeff Butler, backed by a decade of psychological research, shares insights about motivations, differences, and communication styles of these generations. Learn how organizations across various industries are thriving with a multigenerational workforce. You’ll find specific actionable strategies to manage your cross-generational challenges and turn your multigenerational workforce into a cohesive team.

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November 18-21, 2019
Exhibits:  November 19 – 21, 2019
Las Vegas, NV